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Equal-opportunity slasher and lover of pretty boys. Mostly a lurker/leech trying to feed my addiction. Not into flamewars or major shipping; if they're pretty together, just go with it. Top, bottom, switch - don't particularly care who is what. Het romance can be fun, too, if it's done right. Prefer to get scanlations and subs from the source, but will resort to the aggregation sites if I have to (sorry I'm not active enough - I prefer to spend my time outside of work reading/watching yaoi rather than publishing my sucky life. I'm not much of a writer anyway). Not like they get money out of me; I use AdBlock and NoScript. I don't think anything I've uploaded had warnings against reuploading, though.

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07 ghost, advent children, airwolf, andromeda, angst, animaniacs, anime, anthro, antique bakery, babylon 5, batman, biseinen, bishies, bishounen, bleach, bondage, boy's love, brother x brother, bukiyou na silent, cake, cat ears, catboys, cats, challengers, chocolate, chrono trigger, close the last door, cloud, cloud strife, cloud/reno, code geass, cookies, crack!fic, cross-dressing, dear myself, dolls, doujinshi, erotica, eyeshield 21, fairy tail, fan art, fan fiction, fanart, fanfics, fanfiction, farscape, ff7, ffvii, ffvii yaoi, final fantasy, final fantasy 7, final fantasy 7 yaoi, final fantasy iv, final fantasy vi, final fantasy vii, final fantasy vii yaoi, firefly, gakuen heaven, gundam 00, gundam seed destiny, guyver, h/c, hana kimi, harry potter, haru wo daite ita, heaven's will, ice cream, icons, ikoku irokoi romantan, josei manga, junjou romantica, kaicho wa maid-sama, kirepapa, koi suru boukun, kuroshitsuji, lord of the rings, loveless, macross frontier, maiden rose, manga, mythology, naruto, naruto shippuuden, noncon, okane ga nai, oresama teacher, otomen, pointy ears, pretty boys, princess princess, reno, reno of the turks, reno/cloud, rude, rude/reno, rudexreno, rurouni kenshin, scanlations, seinen manga, seitokaichou ni chuukoku, sekirei, seme!cloud, seme!reno, seme!rude, shojo manga, shonen-ai, shounen dolls, shounen manga, skip beat, slash, slaves, spiderman, star trek, star wars, stargate sg-1, stargate: atlantis, takanaga hinako, tegami bachi, teh pretty, the legend of zelda, the princess bride, tyrant falls in love, uke!cloud, uke!reno, uke!rude, unmei ni kiss, uraboku, x-men, yaoi, zombie loan
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