Sep. 4th, 2011 07:28 pm
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I'm pretty easy-going about friending; I'll friend anyone who has posts that interest me, and I'll accept most anybody who wants to friend me. (which probably explains why my FB friendslist is so small and irrelevant, but whatever)

That said, WTF is up with sending a FB friend request to someone who doesn't even speak your language? Dude. I'm monolingual in American English. I've never given any indication that I understand any other language, though my interest in anime and manga indicates a little familiarity with Japanese. If your entire FB page is in German, I have nothing in common with you, that I can tell.

Besides, there's practically nothing on my FB page - if you're hunting for a web girlfriend, you're going to be sorely disappointed with me. No pix, no measurements, and I'm not the slightest bit interested in dirty chat with you.

In other news, RL still sucks, work still keeps me busy, and yes, work still sucks.
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'cuz, yeah, I'm in the mood to swear right now. Where's the freakin' LJ cut thingy?

Ah, here it is. )

I live

Jan. 27th, 2008 02:57 am
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RL finally letting me get back to the web; gonna take a while to get caught up. Just so's ya know why I'm commenting on old stuff *wry and rueful grin*
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After a convo with [ profile] aphelion_orion, I made a community for us kicked puppy types. May work, may not, but hey, I'll give it a go.

And now I have to get to work, yikes!
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So I finally decided to upgrade eMule. New version's been out a while, I guess, but I didn't bother. Wish I hadn't. Installed fine, but all my settings are shot to hell, and I can't figger out why the port forwarding isn't working anymore. Lettin' go for the night, tho, 'cuz it's gonna make me insane trying to fix it.
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Squee! Now I can post at FW without worrying about dumb trollmices anymores.
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Joining the hoarde swarming elsewhere just in case.

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Sometimes, I really love FW.

Probly oughta add more of my interests to my interests list, huh? *ponders Cloud/Link* yeahhhhh... Ima think on that for a while...
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Way to go, troll-mice. Way to wreck things for the rest of us because you can't keep your freakin' mouth shut.

Sure, none of the rest of us needed to be able to participate in FW, not as long as you got your chance to spit at the mods, right?

Banhammer's not enough for you.  Wish I had Thor's Hammer for you.

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I figured something out tonight.  My odd interest in the cute little gay boy at work is that I wanna play with he was a doll, or something.  I wanna paint his face and play dressup and, well, his hair's too short to do much with, but I'd like to play with that, too.  There's additions and wigs out there somewhere.  I realized tonight that I've developed the same kind of attraction to him that I have to the FFVII characters, only they're not real, so I can't touch them.  He's real, but I still can't touch, and it's only just occurred to me WHY I've been so intrigued by him - he's a living, breathing slash character.  Not that I could ever SAY that to him.  So, yeah, I'll be over here, banging my head on my desk until this weird sort-of-but-not-quite-crush-thing goes away...
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Much as I liked the rainbow boxes, it took me forever to figure out where all the links were.  I think they call that Mystery Meat Navigation - not a good thing.

So, this is less exciting, but at least it's a nice sky blue.  Fitting, given my screenname.

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Oh, now this is COOL - dA starts the post for me. So, anyway, the other day/night/whatever I came across a sketch on dA by Bluestraggler. A lovely bit of Tseng/Reno, but it suffered from ruled lines, on notebook paper. I liked it, and I'm not too bad with Photoshop, so hey, why not? I rubberstamped those suckers out.

YES it took a while. YES it was worth it. Then I colored it, and she told me it was okay to post it with credit. SO:

Color: Sweet by Bluestraggler
by ~WildSkyRider on deviantART
Other people draw so pretty - me just fix up.  :)

I'ma go bed now; work has been exhausting this weekend.

Joining LJ

Apr. 27th, 2007 04:33 am
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I wasn't gonna.  I was gonna stick with photobucket and dA and the occasional mousepost on FW and stuff like that, but then...

I googled Reno slash...

and I found the RenoCloud comm, and I got pulled in.

At least there's plenty of pretty, pretty Reno here.  Helps make up for a really rough night at work last night.


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